E-Business Solutions

Growing demand on quality and comprehensive software solutions for Web-based business initiatives has changed the requirements that service providers and product suppliers make to eBusiness applications. Pure technology is no longer sufficient for making an eBusiness solution right for a business. That is why our custom eBusiness solutions development services are not mere technological components assembling but thorough stage-by-stage process that includes our clients' business analysis, determining the points that need technological impact, identifying the right programming means, development of the application, and systems integration.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Effective SCM solutions give businesses an integrated suit of costs and efforts saving tools that streamline production planning, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing of goods or services and products delivery operations, aligning them with the elements of a business competitive strategy. Depending on precise business needs, BattleGroup Communications provides supply chain management solutions with the following embedded features:

Knowledge Management

Making timely and informed decisions is one of the most important business success factors. Knowledge management systems are intended to help businesses collect, store, process, and disseminate information faster and more efficiently, improving the quality of inner business communications and levels of apprising. We use the following technological advances to develop a comprehensive suit for an enterprise data gathering, organizing, sharing and workflow streamlining:

Workflow Management

Resultant management and ongoing control over business processes is the way that leads to increased business efficiency, improved customers' satisfaction, and reduced costs. BattleGroup Communications provides thorough workflow management solutions for business processes specification, execution and control that involve the following options:

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